The first major upgrades are set to go live along with FIP#2

Upgrading Flamincome and Flamingo

Flamingo, a NGD (Neo Global Development) incubated, full-stack DeFi protocol, is set to undergo its first major upgrade with newly designed mechanisms for cross-chain interoperability, yield boosting, as well as on-chain derivatives. These new features are set to drive new breakthroughs in the field of DeFi.

Initially designed to reduce opportunity costs for cross-chain users, Flamincome enabled Ethereum users to yield farm via Flamingo while enjoying a return rate equivalent to yearn finance. With this unique “dual mining” model, Flamincome had the chance to…

As DeFi continues to grow and flourish, BTC will eventually be forced to break its 21-million supply limit to remain sustainable and relevant.

2020 was unequivocally the year of decentralized finance. Driven by surging interest and striking breakthroughs, DeFi protocols accelerated financial innovation while reshaping the blockchain landscape. Buoyed by innovations in cross-chain asset gateways and DeFi protocols, Ethereum has attracted a substantial amount of Bitcoin (BTC) assets, thus cutting into Bitcoin’s on-chain transfers.

Moving forward, this trend will pose severe challenges for Bitcoin’s network security, especially as BTC continues to phase out block rewards, leaving miners increasingly unable to…

1. In Flamincome, only the USDT strategy will incur a 0.5% withdrawal fee, the fee will be pooled as a security reserve dedicated for the USDT fund pool.

2. Flamincome is currently under Proof of Authority (POA) governance scheme. As planned, Flamincome will swiftly transit to DAO on Ethereum (Different from Flamingo DAO).

3. By then, the governance of Flamincome (including the security reserve) will be handed over to DAO. The governance token of Flamincome DAO’s distribution is TBD.

4. To limit the use of POA, I will personally subsidize the withdrawal fee as mentioned in the prior announcement

Preparing for Decentralized Finance

Recently, Neo has achieved two major milestones. On August 14th, Neo MainNet integrated State Root Function to support interoperability. On August 18th, Neo, together with Ontology, and Switcheo launched the Poly Network , a cutting-edge interoperability protocol. Already, Poly Network is helping connect heterogenous blockchain networks, ranging from Ethereum to Neo, Ontology, and Cosmos-SDK based blockchains. With Neo3 rapidly approaching, achieving interoperability with key networks mark a milestone for Neo as well as the blockchain community. Now, Neo is better positioned than ever for the official launch of Neo3 by the end of 2020.

Moreover, Neo’s recent developments once again…

USDT has offered a glimpse into the future of financial markets while also challenging the hegemony of today’s USD-dominant system. To that end, I’d like to offer six points regarding USDT’s impact on geopolitics and the future development of sovereign digital currency.

In 2008, a momentous occasion took place with the release of Bitcoin’s White Paper. With author Satoshi Nakamoto explicitly calling for the deconstruction of financial intermediaries, regulators around the world were put on alert, particularly as Wall Street faced one of its biggest crises since the 1930s. …

Blockchain, as a crucial component of the digital revolution technology stack, would provide us with value mobility, efficiency, and confidence in a time of division and distrust.


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the world both economically and socially, serving to aggravate political tensions while driving nationalist protectionism. While the full extent of the pandemic is not yet fully known, COVID-19 has reignited a conversation amongst media and academia regarding the fate of neoliberalism and globalization.

If we were to extrapolate based on recent data, it would appear that deglobalization is accelerating. Major indicators of globalization, such as global trade and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), started plateauing a decade ago. …

Da Hongfei

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